Hawthorne Hike


The Hawthorne Hike is a walking trail located in Belfast, Maine. This new trail twists and turns through our downtown, our waterfront, our historic district, and brings a new and exciting activity for locals, visitors, and families to enjoy for years to come. The shops, architecture, history, homes and gardens, ocean and wildlife can all be seen!

We all thought that the only elephants in Belfast were located at the Colonial Theatre, but we were wrong! In late 2020, Scott Smith, Belfast native and Operations Manager of the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce, discovered something very unique in the streets of our downtown – an elephant hiding in plain sight! He walked the streets thoroughly to find the best path and along with Hartdale Maps in 2022, created this new walking trail!

The hike was named respectfully for the elephant that has already made a large impression (pun intended) on Belfast. Hawthorne is the full size elephant statue that can be seen atop the Colonial Theatre downtown (163 High St). Baby Hawthorne is not far behind, located in the lower lobby inside.

The full hike is 3.5 miles. There is also a Baby Hawthorne hike for kids that only stretches 1.25 miles. Future plans include trail signage and a possible Fun Run family-friendly event.

Stop by the Information Center downtown at 33 Main Street and pick up your own Hawthorne Hike Trail Map & Guide, follow the Facebook page, and don’t forget to share your photos online with the hashtag #hawthornehike

You can also click the link below to print your own trail map and guide. Preferred paper size is legal sheet, 8.5×14 or you can print on standard sheet and the directions are also in print below.


Start Point:

Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce Information Center/The Park on Main St.
(Some areas do not have designated sidewalks. Please use caution in roadways.)

1) ACROSS Main St. to Cross St.

2) RIGHT onto Pendleton St.

3) LEFT onto High St.

4) LEFT onto Miller St.

5) LEFT onto Front St.

6) LEFT onto Pierce St.

7) LEFT onto Bridge St.

8) RIGHT onto High St.

9) QUICK LEFT onto Church St.

10) LEFT onto Main St.

11) LEFT onto High St. (take your photo with Hawthorne!)

(Directions 8-9-10-11 make the tusk)

12) LEFT onto Church St.

13) RIGHT onto Spring St.

14) LEFT onto Cedar St.

15) LEFT onto Pearl St.

16) RIGHT onto Church St.

17) RIGHT onto Park St.

18) LEFT onto Cedar St.

19) LEFT onto Elm St.

20) RIGHT onto Church St.

21) LEFT onto High St.

22) RIGHT onto Harbor St.

23) LEFT onto Bayview St.

24) RIGHT onto Commercial St.

25) QUICK LEFT onto Front St.

End Point:

Intersection of Front & Miller St.

(To Return to Start: Take LEFT onto Federal St.)