Become a Member

Are you considering a membership to the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce? We support, promote and advocate for businesses and organizations across all of Waldo County!

Here you can find information about dues, membership benefits, and learn about the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce Staff and Board.


Your basic membership package includes a free customized webpage listing on, announcements available in our weekly newsletter which has a circulation of approximately 1,000 email recipients, opportunities to distribute materials in our Visitor Center, networking events and if desired, space in our Chamber office display windows!

Partnership pricing is based on business/organization type and number of employees.

Number of EmployeesDues
0-3 employees$175
4-9 employees$230
10-24 employees$320
25-49 employees$600
50-199 employees$1,000
200+ employees$2,000
Friends of The Chamber$50

Additional Businesses under same owner  $75

Non-Profit / Religious / IndividualDues
0 paid staff$80
1-10 paid staff$130
11-24 paid staff$210
25-29 paid staff$310
50+ paid staff$525


If you would like the Chamber to manage your Web Site Enhancement for the year Add $50