‘Passy Pete’ Makes His Prediction

Friends of Belfast!

Now, this Fourth Day of September, Labor Day, in the year Two Thousand and Twenty-Three, being the 9th Annual meeting of the Belfast Barons Club at Heritage Park…

Passy Pete, the clairvoyant crustacean, was coaxed from the fertile waters of the Penobscot Bay at 10am by his friends and fellow tourist lovers “The Belfast Barons” and by the cheers of his adoring fans and followers….

Pete winked to the crowd, glanced toward the loving waters of his home and Majestically in Lobsterese, he directed the Barons to this scroll which reads:

Hang on to the ducks,

The live and rubber ones.

The weather is turning,

Soon skiers will make runs.

An early winter makes some say

Oh Boy!

But even in winter,

Belfast has 3 times the Joy!